Maskne –– Yes, it’s a thing!

Maskne –– Yes, it’s a thing!

Here are some tips to help avoid it.

If you’re serious about staying safe (and keeping others safe too) then you’re wearing a mask in these COVID-19 times. Masks may be the new accessory of 2020 but, for many of us, wearing them comes with unpleasant side effects like zits, blemishes and pimples. These breakouts –– what dermatologists refer to as acne –– are caused by fabric friction on the skin, built up moisture and compacted anxiety and stress.

Mask acne, or maskne for the social media savvy, can be prevented and treated with a few simple conscientious steps:

  1. Wash that mask: That’s right, after every use. Microbe build-up is not skin-friendly, so make sure to store your mask in a clean plastic or paper bag. If you’re working out, change your mask right after.
  2. Be gentle: Go easy on your skin, it’s already been through a lot. Use gentle skin care products and try to avoid masks and tools that strip away your natural oils. Use heavier product, like rich moisturizer and toners in the evening before sleep.
  3. Wash and Cleanse your face: Washtwice a day, morning and night, at the least. Cleansing your face with a gentle toner or micellar water if you sweat underneath the mask.
  4. Breakup with the makeup: At least temporarily. If you must, a tinted sunscreen goes a long way.
  5. Use a spot treatment: If those pimples do appear, use a treatment to help dry out the problem. Resist the temptation to squeeze or pop the pimples, which will just serve to open up the skin for further inflammation and irritation.
  6. Rest and decompress: We are living in stressful times. Make sure to take some time to yourself to breathe and relax. Anxiety, tension and stress can exasperate acne.
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